My journey into the world of programming and game development began with Lua at seven years old. It was a time when I was curious about creating my own games and exploring the magic behind them. Lua, with its simplicity and versatility, seemed like the perfect starting point.

As my skills with Lua improved, I felt the urge to explore more robust and versatile programming languages. Python beckoned with its reputation for simplicity and wide-ranging applications. Over the next four years, I dedicated myself to mastering Python and its numerous libraries.


Learning web development from scratch was both challenging and rewarding. Starting with the basics of HTML and CSS, I gradually gained a deep understanding of how web pages are structured and styled. As I progressed, diving into JavaScript added interactivity and dynamic functionality to my projects. The continuous exploration of libraries, frameworks, and responsive design principles enriched my skill set. The ability to craft visually appealing and user-friendly websites from scratch.


Exploring UI design and diving into CSS and SCSS was a natural progression in my web development journey. It opened a whole new dimension of creativity and precision in crafting user interfaces. Learning about layout principles allowed me to design visually harmonious and user-centric experiences. SCSS, with its powerful features like variables, nesting, and mixins, streamlined my CSS workflow, making stylesheets more maintainable and organized. The synergy between UI design and SCSS empowered me to create not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing web applications, enhancing the overall user experience.


While learning C and C++ was a formidable challenge, it provided me with a solid foundation in low-level programming, memory management, and optimization. It was a deep dive into the vines of computer science. Intrigued by the buzz around languages like Rust and Java, I briefly explored them, hoping to expand my skill set. Rust's emphasis on safety and Java's portability were appealing. However, I soon realized that my heart was still in the world of game development and web technologies, so I decided to refocus my efforts on honing those skills rather than spreading myself too thin. It was a reminder that sometimes, staying true to your passions is key to making significant progress.


Learning about Godot and being drawn to its simple interface and user-friendly nature was a revelation. It felt like the perfect platform to bring my game development aspirations to life. Starting as a beginner, I appreciated how Godot's intuitive design allowed me to quickly grasp its core concepts. As I delved deeper, I found the GDScript scripting language to be accessible and powerful, facilitating rapid development. However, as my projects grew in complexity, I made the decision to transition from GDScript to C#. This shift opened up new possibilities and allowed me to harness the full potential of Godot.